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Future of Accounting and 

Taxes Services! 

San Francisco CPA moves to the Cloud

Advantages of Technology of Virtual CPA

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After 20 years of providing accounting and tax services in the bay area, Ying McKee, the experienced  San Francisco CPA  has moved her physical office to the cloud!


You can probably picture the old era of tax accountants. They worked in large offices with grey carpets and entire rooms full of paper files. If you wanted to get your income tax done, you had to bring in all of your tax documents and sit in their office for a meeting. Going to get your income tax prepared is like having an annual physical checkup at the doctor’s office. You don’t want to go, but you better. Tax rules in the United States are too confusing and risky to try to do it on your own.  Make the appointment, gather the papers, and sit there waiting for your turn: then more work after the meeting. You can’t wait until it’s over! 


Thanks to Virtually all other industries such as banking, travel, real estate, and insurance have already moved to the virtual world. Nowadays more and more companies allow employees to work from their home office;  the majority of us use an online bank account, book our vacations online. Real estate agents now sign all the contracts online with no paper involved. And now, online technology has finally matured to the point where it's fast, safe and reliable for you to conduct your accounting and taxes online as well. Gone are the stuffy suit and tie image, tedious meetings, and painful document submission process.. modern-day technological advances, this is no longer the case. The future of accounting firms is in the cloud.


Using cloud-based services will provide you with several advantages over a traditional accountant. For starters, availability – rather than taking time out of your busy day and operating according to your accountant's schedule, your virtual CPA will work around your schedule. This flexibility enables a quick turn around time when you need it.


It used to be that tax accountants would store all of your information in labeled tax return folders and then in the storage facility when they run out of space. At Virtual CPA For You, all your data will be encrypted and stored in bank security level vault with multiple backups in place. This alternative provides you with a stress-free experience: Your financial reports and tax returns are easy to access and retrieve. and your confidential financial information is as secure as any online bank. Rather than taking time out of your busy day to meet with your accountant and hand-deliver the tax documents, or sending them through unsecured emails,  you can work with your virtual tax accountant through the secured online vault. A few clicks of a mouse and you're taken care of.


When you work with virtual CPA, you get added convenience in addition to their expertise. Our online accounting services and tax preparation services have been designed to cater to your busy lifestyle. We utilize the advanced technology to ensure fast, secure communications and services. By using phone calls, texts, online chat, emails, instant web meetings, a secured online portal, DocuSign, Quickbooks online, etc.,  you will have closer and quicker contact with your CPA than you ever had with your local San Francisco CPA firm next door.  With technology, we bring high quality, personalized virtual CPA services directly to you anywhere you happen to be.



Virtual Service of California CPA, no offshore outsourcing! 

  • Near two decades of accounting and tax experience. CPA licensed with the Board of Accountancy in the State of California.


  • Highly reputable business accountant worked with many well known closed held businesses and business owners in the San Francisco Bay area. Specialize in Small to medium size business and their business owners.


  • Has been in practice in the San Jose area since 2008 serving clients in the San Francisco CA area.


  • Certified Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor.


  • Fast communication with clients. (100% response rate within 1 business day)

  • All work is done with qualified US accountants, no offshore outsourcing!


  • Many happy clients. Generally, save more money than the fees!!


Ying McKee, CPA

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