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Virtual Business Accounting and Tax services 


Many small business owners share a burning desire – an insatiable willingness – to “do it all.” It’s what separates entrepreneurs from employees in the first place. An employee is more than willing to set out on the path that someone else has carved for them. An entrepreneur needs to carve a path for themselves.


Unfortunately, this mentality can also get even the most passionate small business owners into a bit of trouble – particularly when it comes to their finances. Being able to balance your checkbook, doing data entry and running the finances of a small business is NOT the same thing, nor should they ever be treated as such. To that end, the importance of finding the right accounting team to help support your small business as it continues to grow and evolve cannot be overstated enough.

Virtual Accounting done on IPAD

Virtual Accounting and tax Process for Business Clients

  • Choose the right path of accounting: (for virtual bookkeeping services)


 Path 1: Remotely access your computer with or without you intending to work on your file. 

    Path 2: By using “Quickbooks online” we both can access your files anytime

    Path 3: Send your “Quickbooks” backup files to review periodically.


Note: Ying is a certified Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor. We use QuickBooks as our accounting software. But we also use other clouds based online bookkeeping software such as Xero, Zoho books, FreshBooks and wave accounting.  


  • Implement the plan.


  • Send fee proposal:  Either hourly or fixed price.  


  • Set up your security file portal. 


  • Your financial information(such as bank statements, credit card statements) are sent to us via file portal. Or "view only" access is provided to us. We will provide you with monthly financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements, etc. within a week of receipt of the documents.


  • Customized reports are prepared for you as needed. (bookkeeping client) 


  • Payroll is run electronically and free direct deposits for your employees. Payroll tax returns are done and filed electronically.


  • Sales tax returns and other local tax filings are prepared for you electronically.  Mid-year review and tax planning are performed when needed.


  • Prepare year-end tax returns electronically and e-file for you. 

  • We take the stress away so you can run your business more efficiently.


Leave the heavy lifting to your business tax CPA and concentrate on what you know best-making money!



Quickbooks online Certified proadviser
Quickbooks Certified proadvisor

Focus on business, leave the paperwork to us!

We are always only one button click way, meeting clients through the year via phone/email/webmeetings!

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