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Virtual Tax Preparation by San Francisco Tax Advisor

Tax Preparation   - You need an expert

Today's tax laws are so complex that submitting a return that is relatively simple can be a frustrating and confusing undertaking. The only way to ensure you pay as little tax as legally possible is to work with a knowledgeable tax advisor.  Those tax software you can buy simply cannot match the experience and insight of a reputable CPA  familiar with complex rules and regulations.


Finding an experienced tax advisor in San Francisco, CA is not easy. There are so many income tax preparation services in the area to choose from. From entry-level unregistered tax preparers, enrolled agents to professional tax CPA and tax lawyers. Working with a licensed tax preparer is essential, but not all tax preparation services hold the same amount of education and experience background. 


To get your tax returns done correctly, you should consider working with a Certified Public Accountant with enough tax experiences.  In California, Certified Public Accountant(CPA)  is a person who has completed at least master's degree equivalent schoolings; passed four rigorous parts of examinations and possesses a substantial amount of knowledge in the area of accounting, tax preparation, tax advice, and tax filing.


The best time to start tax planning is four to twelve months before they are due, and this requires expert planning.  Many tax strategies need to be set up before year-end for it to be effective.

Book a free consultation with Ying McKee, you trusted CPA and San Francisco tax advisor 

Schedule a 30 minutes initial free consultation.  We recommend you send your last filed individual tax returns before the meeting.  We will review your prior-year tax returns to ensure there were no errors or be missing tax benefits as well as discuss your current needs.

Virtual Tax Preparation Step by Step process: 

After the initial consultation, we will provide you with an engagement letter outlining the services, fees and retainer fee required.  (usually $100-$300)


After we have received the signed letter with retainer payment, we will invite you to start your pain-free virtual tax preparation online process:


Answer questions from us anywhere, anytime.


Upload tax documents from any device soon as you receive them.


We will keep track of your progress and remind you of the items left.


We will keep in touch by email/phone/web meeting throughout the entire process.


Review prepared returns electronically.


Sign electronically and pay the balance online.


E-file right away for you. ​

Business tax preparation process is similar. For more detail, see Business Services.

Your Trusted Tax Advisor in San Francisco Bay Area  

I hold a Master's degree in Accounting. I am also a certified public accountant licensed in California. I have worked with countless small businesses, large multiple-location companies, and individuals. The combination of education and experience has allowed me to serve business owners and professionals in the San Francisco Bay area for over two decades. I have dealt with the multi-state, international tax planning, complicated tax issues, IRS tax compliance audit, and complex tax return preparations, etc.


 I do my best to give accurate and honest service, and I am proud of the relationships that I have built consequently. Getting to know my customers, you, allow me to understand your situation that is unique and tailor our services.   My clients have highly recommended my services. (See testimonials ) For more information, read here.



I look forward to speaking with you about your San Francisco tax preparation needs soon. Book a free tax consultation online or simply email or text me. I am available all year round, not just during the tax season.

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