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Where is My Refund?

IRS refund

Generally, IRS issues most refunds within 3 weeks of e-file your individual income tax return and 6 weeks if you file a paper return. If you still have not received the refund after 21 days(or 6 weeks if you mail the return), you can actually go online and check on the status of the refund. Your status will be online 24 hours after you e file the returns. The status is updated every day, usually overnight.  You can also call IRS refund hotline at the toll-free number at 1-800-829-1954.

If you need face to face help, you can go to the local IRS office. For people living in San Francisco bay area, you can go to their San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Jose or Santa Rosa Office. You make an appointment online, show up and get the issue resolved right there.

However, not all refunds are issued within the above time frame. Amended US individual income tax returns can take much longer up to 3-4 months to process. You can check your amended return status online. but the information won't show up until at least 3 weeks after you mail the returns. You can check the Form 1040x amended US individual status for the current year and up to 3 prior years.   Some returns may be picked for additional review and take much much longer, especially there is a large refund due. IRS will give you interest(about 3% annual rate) if takes too long to give you back the money.  

For business tax returns, it's not as simple, you might have to call them or have your CPA help you.

California FTB Refund

California takes 2 week to 3 months(paper file) to received the refund after you file. You can also check your FTB refund status on their website. This only applies to current year taxes. For prior year taxes or amended taxes, you will need to contact (800) 852-5711 or your CPA.

There is no online portal to check the business tax refund. Normally, it takes longer (up to 6 months) for them to process and issue a business refund.

Circular 230:The articles are for general information only. In accordance with IRS Circular 230 they are not considered tax opinions for purposes of relying on such statements in any challenge of the reporting of the above transaction by the IRS. If a full tax opinion is required certain procedures must be met . Also there is a significant cost for a full tax opinion to meet the requirements of Circular 230.

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